Remotely monitor your wells with leading-edge live data streaming

Offshore production platforms

Having real-time access to your well at the tips of your fingers, anywhere and at any time is no longer a pipe dream.  It is a reality that is allowing operators the opportunity to directly optimize production and minimize downtime by having live access to their assets. The benefits of knowing immediately what a well’s status is allows operators to be proactive with their decision making. This not only saves time and money, otherwise wasted on reactionary measures or on measures that might retrospectively be deemed unnecessary, but also maximizes the impact of necessary remedial actions.

A Remote Monitoring Solution

The OptaSense Real-Time Data Streaming capability, coupled with industry leading Interrogator Units and state of the art software, allows on-demand production profiling and well monitoring for:

  • Production Monitoring
  • Smart Well Monitoring
  • Well Integrity
  • Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) and Geothermal Monitoring

The service enables operators to analyze data in real-time in the safety and comfort of their offices, on-demand.

Safe, Flexible Alternative to Conventional Data Acquisition

The “plug and play” real time data streaming capability is scalable to suit the majority of all onshore and offshore wellsite setups. This flexibility allows the end-user the option of visualizing anywhere from low bandwidth solutions to full bit data streaming of frequency band extracted (FBE) data to secure servers via varying connections utilizing cellular satellite and full high-speed fiber connectivity.

With full remote capability, the OptaSense Real-Time Data Streaming minimizes the need for staff to be at the well-site for acquisition and/or analysis of data, reducing well-site footprint and HSE exposure.

The OptaSense Real-Time Data Streaming system can be mobilized to the well-site, installed easily by existing installation technicians and be streaming data within hours, resulting in greater efficiency and improved cost savings.

Want to visualize your digital wellbore data in real time?

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