System Deployment

OptaSense® is a proven technology for detecting any activity in the vicinity of an asset over long distances. Our technology converts existing fiber-optic communications cables into an array of virtual microphones with no infield equipment. An operator is then able to detect, classify and locate any threatening events near to your assets in real time.

System components

The OptaSense® Interrogator Unit sends a conditioned pulse of light into the fiber to create virtual microphones. By varying the size of the pulse, these virtual microphones can be spaced between 5 and 15m apart along the length of the fibre.



The User Interface presents the real time event data to the operator in a clear and intuitive manner where classified alerts are shown on a map display with location coordinates. By networking Interrogator Units together the system has the capability to allow an operator to monitor over 5,000km from one location and can easily be integrated with existing control systems (e.g. via XML, Pelco etc)