Track Monitoring / Copper Theft / Rock fall

RAIL: Protecting Infrastructure

Along railtrack infrastructure, OptaSense acts as a single sensing system and places the equivalent of 5,000 sensors every 50km, in turn either replacing or reducing the need for other standard trackside systems.

The OptaSense sensing system detects and alerts to unauthorised movement and activity trackside addressing threats such as copper theft, graffiti gangs, vandalism and potential Terrorist Activity addressing areas such as:

Staff Safety
Safeguarding trackside personnel OptaSense monitors the location and activity of  authorised work parties and  train management around them

Public Safety
The OptaSense sensing system further safeguards vehicles and pedestrians at unmanned Level Crossings and platform end exits

Infrastructure Protection
Detecting and generating alerts for rock fall, land slip, bridge and tunnel collapse/strike can also be managed by a the installed OptaSense system

Livestock Intrusion
The OptaSense sensing system detects livestock groups wandering on the track and into tunnels

Knowing the location of all rolling stock allows for effective incident and signalling failure management and OptaSense is the equivalent of having axle counters every 10 metres along the whole infrastructure and with zero EMC problems.

The OptaSense sensing system tracks all train metrics in real time and provides all necessary signalling to monitor:

  • Direction, speed, length and integrity and location
  • Headways both front and rear
  • Dynamic time and distance to fixed points and any incident location

Monitoring Assets
With OptaSense each moving asset can be identified through its unique acoustic signature which can be monitored to detect change such as deterioration. This includes wheel flats, hot axle boxes, points and barrier machines, along with generators, pumps and plant.