Rail Networks

Train Track  Monitoring

OptaSense provides real time,  accurate and valuable data into the hands of our clients enabling rapid decision making and incident response. It is a single sensing system that provides simultaneous monitoring over complete rail or road networks enabling:

  • Traffic Monitoring and Control : Tracking and locating moving assets in real time
  • Safety and Security: Managing and monitoring authorised and unauthorised movement
  • Asset Condition Monitoring : Status of wheel flats, generators, pumps and machines
  • Infrastructure Monitoring : Managing rock fall, landslip, tunnel and bridge collapse scenarios

By utilising a client’s available (existing) fibre core, the OptaSense sensing system eliminates the need for trackside installations, power, copper cables and resource attendance along the infrastructure. The system utilises zero trackside or roadside equipment and power and further significantly reduces the need for maintenance personnel to work along the infrastructure.

A single roadway or rail network equipped with just two OptaSense interrogator system units can provide monitoring and protection of 100km of network length with individual sites and systems easily networked to provide coverage over a client’s complete infrastructure.

OptaSense delivers real time alerts coupled with trend-linking analysis enabling the capture of the precursor activity to actual incidents and thus provides a prevention capability. The system outputs interface to the client’s command and control system and at the same time can be presented on smart internet connected devices anywhere in the world.

Operational, technical and maintenance training are all also reduced as a result of this multifunctional single sensing system.