PIG Tracking

Pig Tracking

OptaSense has worked with operators and in line inspection companies to develop the latest PIG Tracking Toolkit. Using experience gained on the 11,000km of pipeline installed, OptaSense has recognised the benefits of tracking gauges. OptaSense can detect and track both dumb scrappers and work with intelligent devices to collaborate data regarding position and condition of pipe.

  • OptaSense PIG tracker requires no additional hardware over and above the Pipeline Protection or Leak Detection solution.
  • Traditional monitoring techniques involved deploying personnel or embedding tracking devices within the PIG itself.
  • OptaSense uses the acoustic signature of the PIG itself to track the precise location.
  • By verifying the girth weld count this can be down to the exact pipe section.

Principle of Tracking; As the PIG passes through the individual girth weld a pressure pulse is transmitted through the length of the pipe. OptaSense detects and locates this event and tracks the entire route of the PIG. Using this information the operator can be provided with live information regarding the speed and location. Arrival times at catchers can be determined to minimse risk of damage and maximise throughput.

Greater control can be afforded to the operator so that pipe pressures can be used to control PIG speed and location. Headway between multiple PIGs in simultaneous operation  can be maintained and speed can be limited to ensure warranty’s are not breached.

The collection of data from multiple PIG runs can help build a profile of the pipeline and be used for comparison. Changes in speed at points can be used to determine the effects of waxing or hydrate formation. OptaSense can build a picture of the Pipeline DNA to identify developing patterns and provide a level of intelligence to dumb PIGs never seen before. This can provide vital information to the operator to determine when a PIG run is required or assist in changing operation process to maximise pipeline throughput.

The PIG Tracking data can be provided direct to the Operator or Pigging contractor directly though SCADA, mobile or Web enabled devices through OptaSense 3.0 placing data directly into the clients hands.