External Threat Detection

Mitigate the risk of external pipeline threats

Detecting pipeline leaks faster and reliably is a priority, but leaks only account for a portion of total risk.

Pipelines are susceptible to various external threats that can result in significant damage, or worse, a rupture.However, a majority of these incidents can be prevented.In addition to leaks, the OptaSense pipeline monitoring system detects the external events that lead to pipeline damage, so you can respond to threats before incidents occur.

Detect external interference

Offering third party interference monitoring and right of way detection, this system alerts operators of potentially hazardous activity occurring within the pipeline corridor, such as digging, vehicle movement and other large machinery—enabling preventative measures to mitigate risk before contact with the pipe is made.

Utilizing a fiber optic network around remote facilities, the system can also detect threats and unwanted activity near above ground infrastructure, such as block valves, refineries and pumping/compressor stations.

Protect pipeline infrastructure

Sabotage and theft are another threat that can significantly impact pipeline integrity, as well as an operator’s bottom line. Protecting pipelines in high-risk areas typically requires a separate leak detection and security monitoring program, but the OptaSense pipeline monitoring system can do both. By integrating leak detection, security monitoring and theft prevention into a single system, this pipeline monitoring solution provides the sensitivity and reliability required to detect and locate suspicious activity, such as illegal hot taps and vandalism, up to 100km from a single location.

With this knowledge, you not only improve incident reduction, you increase the effectiveness of response mechanisms, such as ground patrol and helicopter reconnaissance, by ensuring manual inspection is focused on areas of real activity.

Monitor seismic disturbances

Sizeable ground shift and rock fall events can also be detected with the OptaSense pipeline monitoring system. By incorporating the ground movement monitoring application, large-scale, widespread seismic disturbances within the vicinity of the pipeline can be recorded—providing engineers with insight to impacted areas and potential damages to determine whether asset integrity has been compromised.