Production Services

On demand flow regimes for the life of your asset

It’s difficult to optimize reservoir planning and management when you’re unsure of the inflow profile along the reservoir. OptaSense production flow monitoring services add critical mass in your production efforts by allowing you to monitor in-flow along the production zone, artificial lift performance, and wellbore integrity for the life of your asset.

Production Flow Monitoring

With no need for well intervention, and with minimal interference with flow, DAS permanent production logging is developing rapidly as an exciting alternative to conventional production logging tools.

OptaSense production flow monitoring services reduce the risks and interruptions associated with conventional production logging, as well as the reliance on hard to interpret and difficult to deploy production logging tools.

Using innovative DAS technology, these services help you pinpoint non-producing zones to improve future completion design or re-stimulation programs. Ultimately, our DAS production monitoring capabilities allow you to achieve a more complete reservoir model detailing the long term reservoir response to completion and production applications.

Permanent production flow logging is now possible using DAS, with fiber installed on casing or tubing. Measurements can be taken on a continuous basis or at regular intervals using our drive-by acquisition service.

Understanding Production Flow Across Perforations

Many operators struggle to understand inconsistent production well to well, even stage to stage. OptaSense production flow monitoring services apply DAS technology to assess flow behavior across the length of your wellbore.

Using a fracture flow profiling technique our DAS technology identifies perforations that contribute to production, in real time. We can even quantify flow through each perforation and/ or port in the well.

Permanently installed fiber and topside equipment are used to provide an on-demand flow profile of your well. Flow data is generated at each perforation cluster and historical waterfall data is recorded and processed. In repeat measurements, this information can be used to monitor the effectiveness of each perforation entry point, throughout the life of your well. This tool can also be used to determine production flow across inflow control valves, to monitor the health of electrical submersible pumps, and to confirm the opening and closing of gas lift valves in smart well completions.