Vertical Seismic Profiling

Repeatable, economic borehole seismic measurements
without geophones

Rely on accurate borehole seismic measurements without well intervention using OptaSense VSP acquisition services that provide enhanced imaging of the reservoir. With OptaSense VSP acquisition services operators have easy and repeatable access to the best seismic imaging techniques for optimal mapping of reservoir stimulation and depletion efforts. This optimizes reservoir recovery planning by mapping changes in the reservoir due to production operations.

Using OptaSense DAS technology, our VSP acquisition services provide coverage along the entire length of the wellbore, using hundreds or even thousands of virtual sensing gauges that provide accurate seismic measurements.

The ability to cost effectively take repeated time-lapse measurements on an array with full well length aperture, in otherwise inaccessible wells, provides a unique capability in 3D/4D seismic acquisition. After installing the DAS fiber, there is no need for further wellbore interventions. As a result, you can perform time-lapse VSP surveys in a cost effective manner for the life of your asset, without any loss of production from your wells. You can even perform simultaneous VSP surveys on multiple wells from a single pad location.

These services can also been used and field-proven for monitoring CO2 injection and enhanced oil recovery methods. The OptaSense VSP acquisition service includes:

  • The 4th generation DAS interrogator unit, providing industry leading DAS measurements
  • Interfacing with and synchronized control of the seismic sources
  • Real-time file generation of seismic data
  • Real-time correlation of virbroseis measurements
  • Real-time stacking of multi-shot measurements
  • Fully populated file headers containing source and receiver locations
  • In-field quality control of source and receiver instruments

For unrivaled performance in sensitivity, resolution and bandwidth, OptaSense offers the new ODH4 interrogator unit. This 4th generation DAS recording system increases sensitivity over its predecessor by 6 dB—enabling increased production rates for VSP surveys, as well as a higher number of catalogued events for microseismic event detection. The increased sensitivity improves the signal to noise ratio providing much higher quality seismic.