Evaluation Services

Real-time acquisition and visualization of reservoir performance data

The keystone to understanding and achieving higher rates of return on investment is feedback. Attain real-time acquisition and visualization of accurate well and reservoir performance data with borehole seismic evaluation services from OptaSense. Our borehole seismic services provide high quality information on reservoir stimulation and depletion efforts.

OptaSense Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology provides unrestricted access to measurements along the entire wellbore, from surface to toe. By acquiring borehole seismic data at the reservoir, our DAS technology provides the highest resolution imaging.

Our evaluation services apply DAS technology for enhanced Vertical Seismic Profiling (VSP) and microseismic monitoring. Seismic data collection of VSP and microseismic activity can be performed on any wellbore, even under extreme conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, or high deviation wells. When combined with our data processing and imaging analysis service, OptaSense delivers high definition subsurface images essential to optimizing reservoir management.

OptaSense DAS technology can be permanently installed behind casing, semi-permanently installed on the production string, or temporarily installed using wireline or coiled tubing—delivering repeatable borehole measurements safely and effectively in producer or injector wells.

When it’s impossible or cost prohibitive to tractor in conventional instruments, wells can now be successfully monitored by placing a sensing fiber optic cable on the production string or installed using wireline or coiled tubing. With these well measurements, high resolution imaging of the surrounding geology can enhance surface or seabed seismic acquisition or can be used to minimize or eliminate the need for surface seismic, which provides significant cost savings.

Our DAS technology also alleviates the restrictions encountered when using other downhole instruments, including production down time, wellbore integrity risk, and restricted access associated with highly deviated wells and/or completion components.