VSP Services

Our offering includes imaging and processing of vertical seismic profiling (VSP) data.

Pre-survey Modeling

  • Illumination studies
  • Full waveform modeling and imaging
  • Synthetic seismogram generation/AVO
  • Time-lapse feasibility modeling


Zero Offset 1D VSP

  • Checkshot data (time-depth curves)
  • Velocity with optimal depth control
  • Well ties to seismic (corridor)
  • Attenuation analysis
  • Sonic log QC and calibration
  • Uphole velocity analysis


Walkaway 2D / 3D VSP

  • Velocity model calibration
  • Tomographic analysis
  • Anisotropic VTI inversion (superior anisotropy control compared to surface seismic)



  • Vertical, horizontal, or deviated wells
  • Azimuthal velocity and amplitude analysis
  • Azimuthal anisotropy analysis
  • Shear wave velocity calibration
  • Shear wave corridor stack
  • Sh/Sv wave imaging
  • P-S converted wave imaging


4D Time-Lapse VSP

  • Time-Lapse processing and imaging
  • Pre or Post migration vintage matching