Oilfield Services

Intelligence for the life of your asset

Knowledge is the first step towards understanding, and with understanding comes optimization.

For robust and actionable information that improves reservoir management and ultimate recovery, OptaSense® Oilfield Services provides distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) solutions that deliver enhanced data acquisition, monitoring and visualization of seismic activity, completion operations and production flow.

OptaSense DAS services include vertical seismic profiling (VSP), hydraulic fracture profiling and production flow monitoring. With our DAS technology, you can optimize well designs and completion models, monitor production performance, reduce operational costs and improve yields, while ensuring risks are minimized.

Proven, Reliable, and Innovative 

By providing enhanced acquisition, monitoring and visualization systems to hundreds of wells around the world, OptaSense field-proven DAS technology has established a leading position in the industry.

Offering many advantages over traditional wellbore surveillance methods, DAS is a compelling new technology used to retrieve critical evaluation, completion and production information in real time, on demand.

Developed over the past decade, OptaSense DAS hardware sets the industry benchmark in terms of performance, providing high sensitivity and high spatial resolution combined with true frequency, phase and amplitude coherence across all channels.

Our DAS technology treats the entire length of existing or new downhole fiber optic cable as an array of thousands of high resolution sensors. Using permanently installed fiber optic cables enables a cost-effective downhole monitoring system that can acquire data in real time, for the life of the asset, without the need for multiple wellbore interventions. The avoidance of well intervention eliminates the deferment of production, as well as the cost and operational risks associated with conventional seismic and logging surveys.

OptaSense continues to innovate, by complementing our technology with the experience and expertise to interpret and provide real-time data. At our Center of Excellence, located in the United Kingdom, our scientists, engineers and software programmers continue to revolutionize DAS hardware and software tools, to further extend the unique capabilities of DAS and other fiber optic distributed sensing technologies.

Leading the Industry

OptaSense VSP and DAS technology is recognized as a leader in the industry. Our technology has been used in a 50,000 shot offshore 3D VSP survey in which data was collected in two wells and resulted in over 70 million seismic records.

This technology was selected as part of the long term Measurements, Monitoring and Verification (MMV) program for the Quest Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project in Canada. OptaSense was also awarded the prestigious Hart E&P Special Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation in Geoscience.