Supporting Operations

Saving soldiers lives by securing supply routes, protection bases, detecting and localizing unique threats, and reducing risk in all weather conditions. OptaSense provides vigilant monitoring of long lengths of road, operational areas or around critical sites – ensuring military personnel are constantly updated as to potential threats or intrusions in field operations.

Supply Route Security

Army’s win and lose wars based on the strength of on their supply lines which are a favored target of terrorists and enemies. OptaSense® provides continuous remote monitoring of those supply lines so that our soldiers can           pre-empt threats and keep the supplies flowing.

Base Protection

Bases protect soldiers, but are also under constant threat of attack, thus requiring a strong, robust surveillance. OptaSense® provides a robust intelligence for securing a base perimeter, in all-weather conditions, from surface and sub-surface threats, with a sensor that is inherently protected from enemy attack.

Detecting and localizing unique, high-value threats

OptaSense® detects and classifies a wide range of threats. At one extreme, it can detect and classify a single person attempting to stealthfully penetrate a perimeter. At the other extreme, it can detect and localize (1) cannon fire or (2) a low-flying, radar-evading attack aircraft hidden by terrain.

All environment surveillance

Soldiers do not always have a choice on where they fight. Weather, terrain, foliage, and other factors rarely favor their intelligence and surveillance systems. However, unlike many sensing systems, OptaSense® performance is not degraded by typical factors that affect other systems, thus providing soldiers life-saving intelligence, no matter the environment and conditions.

Reducing Risk

Until now, there were few, if any, intelligence surveillance systems that could provide long duration, sustained, remote monitoring without requiring regular, predicable maintenance and/or resupply that put soldiers at risk of ambush.  OptaSense® requires no maintenance thus soldiers are not put at risk going into remote regions to maintain or resupply equipment.