Protecting Borders

OptaSense is an extremely cost-effective and robust solution for border surveillance, monitoring and protection. OptaSense® has been proven in worldwide operations, in a variety of industries, over five years, including border deployments on multiple continents. It works in concert with existing border surveillance technologies (e.g. radars, EO/IR, UAVs, fences/barriers).

The system reliably detects a variety of border threats with extremely few nuisance alarms, including personnel, vehicles, tunneling, low-flying aircraft and ultra lights. OptaSense requires minimal infrastructure build out, requires no operational hardware maintenance, and has long life-time with high MTBF, thus driving down border surveillance life-cycle costs. The software is extremely mature, developed and proven over a variety of industries, providing simple user operations and interfaces, with a rich set of tools for monitoring long term trends and tuning system parameters.

There are a variety of potential OptaSense border employment concepts, beyond simply laying it along long stretches of border in a stand-alone mode. The fibre installation configuration can be designed according to the function required, with varying deployments at different locations if need be.

Surveillance along extended border: The most straightforward application of OptaSense for border security would be to deploy it along extended stretches of land border, working with other sensors and assets (e.g. fences, EO/IR cameras, UAVs, …). It would be well suited to this application. However, it is a very adaptable technology, so the range of applications goes well beyond this baseline approach.

Change the asset deployment paradigm: Most border security systems rely on high value assets such as cameras, EO/IR sensors, and radars as the primary sensor for monitoring the whole border. However, these assets are infrastructure intensive and maintenance intensive which drive us both initial and operational costs. An alternate approach is to deploy OptaSense across the full border to (1) cue high value assets, and (2) inform security personnel about evolving border threat patterns so that assets can be deployed and redeployed where needed, thus reducing costs.

Monitoring access routes: In remote, hostile environments (e.g. jungles and deserts), the goal may be to monitor access to/from the border, not the border itself. OptaSense is ideal for monitoring these access routes, whether roads or rovers.

Monitoring a border Zone: OptaSense can be used to monitor a wide border zone where other technologies fall short due to environmental factors such as weather, foliage, terrain hiding,… Multiple fibres provide an increasingly wide border zone through which all threats can be reliability tracked.

Leveraging Existing Fibres: OptaSense can leverage existing fibre infrastructure to provide the surveillance. Some border systems have already have fibre in place: e.g. for controlling assets or transmitting data. In other cases, third party fibre (e.g. Fibre along rail lines, or Telecoms fibre) is already present and can be used as the sensing fibre, eliminating the need for fibre installation.