Border Security

Strengthen Security Efforts

Safeguarding borders and military with a surveillance system that identifies threats quickly and effectively is your first line of defense. However, technical limitations and environmental factors can impact the performance of many surveillance systems—leaving them vulnerable to infiltration.

Strengthen security efforts with OptaSense® Border Security and Surveillance, a fiber optic monitoring system that

  • Detects, tracks, and classifies a wide range of threats
  • Delivers real-time, actionable intelligence
  • Endures challenging environments and remote locations

Using advanced Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology, the OptaSense Border Security and Surveillance system provides agents and field patrols a complete picture of the location, scale and type of threat detected—
enabling rapid, more informed decisions that result in fast and efficient response mechanisms.

For more information about the OptaSense Border Security and Surveillance system, contact your local representative or download our brochure.