To find out more about the OptaSense world leading DAS technology and its multiple applications download the brochures below.

  • Borehole Seismic Services

    Oil Field Services

    Borehole Seismic Services Illuminate complex geological environments with superior data processing and imaging, complimented by a dedicated team of experts in borehole seismology. Read more.
  • Vertical Seismic Profiling Services

    Oil Field Services

    OptaSense can interface with a range of source controllers to provided synchronised acquisition, enabling real-time correlation and stacking of shots and the production of SEG-Y / SEG-D files with fully… Read more.
  • Hydraulic Fracture Profiling Services

    Oil Field Services

    The OptaSense hydraulic fracture profiling service continuously monitors and records the acoustic signals measured by DAS, temperatures measured by distributed temperature sensing (DTS) systems, and pump data provided by the… Read more.
  • Production Flow Monitoring Services

    Oil Field Services

    Permanent production flow logging is now possible using DAS with fibre installed on casing or tubing with measurements taken on a continuous basis or at regular intervals using our drive-by… Read more.
  • Oilfield Services

    Oil Field Services

    For robust and actionable information that improves reservoir management and ultimate recovery, OptaSense® Oilfield Services provides distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) solutions that deliver enhanced data acquisition, monitoring and visualization of… Read more.
  • Pipeline Integrity Management: Leak Detection

    Pipeline Integrity Management

    The OptaSense Leak Detection module uses recognised leak detection methodologies of acoustic monitoring, negative pressure wave and temperature detection as well as new and innovative techniques such as turbulent flow… Read more.
  • Securing Critical Assets

    Critical Site Security

    Our nations depend upon their strategic assets; they are the underpinning infrastructure that enables our security, energy and economic growth and demand the most stringent security measures. OptaSense’s proven DAS… Read more.
  • Protecting Assets, Securing Borders and Supporting the Military

    Borders and Military

    OptaSense’s Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS), is an innovative sensing technology, designed to detect, classify and locate events with sufficient accuracy and early warning to enable corrective action to be put… Read more.
  • Transport Industries


    OptaSense technology delivers a single sensing system that provides simultaneous monitoring over complete rail or road networks capturing real time, accurate and valuable data to enable rapid decision making and… Read more.