Proven Technology

OptaSense® continues to bring technology innovation to multiple markets including security, transport, borders and the oil & gas sector including the upstream market. We are delivering new and innovative processes and solutions, which are field proven and integrating new tools designed to reduce cost, reduce health and safety risk. We are significantly  improving pipeline security  and capabilities in downhole monitoring including providing previously unseen data which is being used to improve yield.

Our technology is being deployed in dozens of environments, as our investment in innovation continues in a technology that is also changing the way security is undertaken and downhole measurements are made.

It is our innovation that is driving down the costs of monitoring whilst enhancing the levels to which it can be deployed, working stand alone or integrating with complimentary solutions. We are The Earth’s Nervous System®.

Our technology outlined

OptaSense® converts any standard fiber-optic cable into a Distributed Acoustic (or Seismic) Sensor. Acoustic or Seismic signals that strike the fibre cause minute strains in the fibre. OptaSense® measures these minute strains, using laser interrogation, turning the fibre into a distributed acoustic/seismic sensor

An Interrogator Unit (IU) fires a laser beam into the cable and measures backscatter returns from naturally occurring imperfections inherent in the fiber-optic cable. The minute strains cause subtle modulations of the backscatter that are then measured by the IU, thus sensing the acoustic/seismic signal.