Company Background

OptaSense is delivering significant business value worldwide through the deployment of ground-breaking technologies utilising Distributed Acoustic Sensing. As a company it has continued to experience significant demand and rapid growth – with employees alone increasing from just 3 to over 140, in just 4 years.

The business is a 100% owned subsidiary of FTSE listed QinetiQ Group Plc, who provide advanced technology services to customers across the world derived from core activities of the UK, USA and Australia. QinetiQ activities include providing procurement and technical support to nations seeking new capabilities, working closely with NATO and delivering technical support services and technology transfer to sovereign states seeking to enhance national facilities and capability. The full financial Report and Accounts for QinetiQ, can be downloaded here.

QinetiQ specialist expertise contributed significantly to the early development of OptaSense – who now independently continue to undertake significant R&D, whilst bringing innovative new solutions to market – supporting the business year on year growth.

In addition to a wide range of accreditation and recognition for safety standards, in April 2013 OptaSense was recognised for its game-changing innovation, fibre based, Vertical Seismic Profiling (VSP) Technology and was announced winner of the E&P – Special Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation in Geosciences — a highly prestigious award in the Oil and Gas sector – recognising OptaSense clear achievements in this area.