A Global Business

OptaSense is a world-beating British technology, built on decades of home-grown expertise at QinetiQ. Globally, combined with local delivery and service capability our solutions are protecting some of the world’s most valuable assets, whilst leading development in oil field services with significant improvements to hydraulic fracturing and down-hole optimisation.

Already OptaSense has grown from just 3 people to over 140 employees in four years, with OptaSense solutions being deployed in over 40 countries, working either directly or through knowledge transfer, to enable local partners to install, maintain and operate the OptaSense systems locally.

With offices in London, Dubai, Houston and Calgary we are addressing the needs of pipeline protection and management, oil field services, transport, borders and military and critical site security.

Our technology protects thousands of miles of pipeline worldwide as we continue to work with major Oil and Gas corporations internationally to improve yield and return on investment. Increasingly our technologies are being selected to protect borders, critical sites and assets whilst assisting in military operations.

While other companies also operate in the field of distributed acoustic sensing, OptaSense has combined the technology of the “listening fibre” with the power of advanced acoustic algorithms to build The Earth’s Nervous System®.