• Oil Field Services

    OptaSense is delivering ground-breaking fibre-optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) which is directly able to: Increase yield and well performance, Directly reduce cost, and Reduce the safety burden

    Find out how OptaSense is challenging conventional thinking and also reducing the need for well intervention to take measurements...

  • Pipeline Integrity Management

    OptaSense customers achieve total pipeline assurance through the innovative use of Distributed Acoustic Sensing - using single standard fibre optic cable - delivering: Full four mode leak detection, Third Party Intrusion Protection, Pipeline Condition Monitoring, and PIG tracking

    Learn from our experience across thousands of kilometres of pipeline from more than 100 projects globally

  • Critical Site Security

    OptaSense is trusted by National Governments to protect their critical infrastructure and critical assets. Learn how our Distributed Acoustic Sensing, fibre based systems: Increase detection and operational effectiveness, Reduce complexity and compliment existing security technologies, and Minimise both installation and ongoing operating cost.

    Learn more about OptaSense operation in more than 40 countries worldwide...

  • Borders and Military

    OptaSense Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) converts fibre optic cable into thousands of highly sensitive microphones right along the border length: Distinguishes between human footsteps, animals vehicles or other intrusions, Ground-breaking technology integrates with other border security solutions, and Provides real-time intelligence and round the clock protection.

    All managed through a single and economic, fibre based ground-breaking technology...

  • Transport Industries

    OptaSense transport solutions provides real-time data to improve safety, security and operational efficiency across the transport arteries that keep a country mobile. A single sensing system to ensure transport keeps moving. Transport security and management across a road or rail network, Full asset and vehicle tracking - optimising utilisation of important assets, Road and rail condition monitoring - for optimum management, and Control and signalling solutions.


  • OptaSense

    World leaders in Distributed Acoustic Sensing - helping our customers improve asset performance by providing
    real time Decision Ready Data™

    We are building the Earth’s Nervous System™ to ensure our customers can deliver their services efficiently and safely across the following key markets: